Recently I saw an on-line site selling wooden cheese knives and I could not help think to myself … how does that work?   They looked very nice but a functional knife for any task should be sharp. But wood?

I have two rules for serving cheese:

  1. The cheese course should not confuse my guests by setting out multiple tools, I serve cheese with:
  • A cheese knife that can serve multiples roles and a
  • Spreader for very soft cheese (if I am serving a spreadable soft cheese)
  1. It is easy to get anamored by pretty knife handles but I have flipped my focus to discovering and serving great cheese. I know my guests will not walk out the door saying: “what a great set of cheese knives.”

The tool I use most often for serving cheese is a sharp, serrated, cheese knife with holes in the side of the blade and two points on the end.  This knife is the single best and most useful tool for serving most cheeses.  Here’s why:

Soft cheese requires a knife with “less drag, the holes reduce surface area so the knife can more easily slice through soft cheese.

Hard cheese requires a sharp knife or in some cases where the cheese has been aged for years, the cheese crumbles and using the sharp points to break off chunks is most effective.   Those same sharp points can be used to pick up the cheese.

Also, I have my good cheese knife professionally sharpened 1-2 times per year.

Oh, and a wood cheese knife is not in my future!